China's commercial drone market to top $9 billion by 2020

2022-06-12 Exhibition firms bet on Shanghai China's commercial drone market to top $9 billion by 2020 Bankers optimistic about second-tier cities’ housing market 1,000 cargo train trips made between Zhengzhou, Hamburg All-cargo direct flight opens, linking Kunming, Bangalore China sets timetable for vaccine tracking system Tianjin and HK plan closer cooperation on healthcare Award-winning medical researcher to expand into early cancer detection China cuts 88 billion yuan in logistics costs in 2017 LNG imports up 53% in November Peace Ark carries cargo of goodwill China to further efforts on endemic disease prevention, treatment Lhasa opens helicopter travel US cheese-making states to enjoy tariff boon Former chairman of drug company Quanjian stands trial for organizing pyramid scheme Rental market may soar 138% by 2027 Bulk purchases of medical devices to be expanded Chief of health product maker admits to scheme Licensed pharmacists top 1m in China